Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gimme the Queen's Head!

For those of you know my Dad really well............."Have you got that tenner you owe him?"
One of Dad's many famous lines is "You got that tenner you owe me?" Of course he was joking, but it was funny to see people's faces as they had to think for a minute as to whether they owed him it or not.
I was chatting with a family friend, Alan Turner and I told him about Dad's illness. He responded "Your Dad's a great man. I will always remember him for asking if we've got that tenner we owe him".
I believe if everyone he has asked over the years actually gave him a tenner, he would be a VERY VERY rich man. Furthermore, I believe that all the people he has asked are 'richer' for knowing my Dad. :)

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