Sunday, September 14, 2008

Jared - Our Fortune!

33 years ago today, John's last child and second son, Jared (Spencer) was born.

Dad woke us in the morning to let us know we had a new baby brother. (Actually, I think we woke him up to ask if we had a brother or sister.) I am sure Michael was particularly pleased to hear the news. In my first post, I mentioned how the only FORTUNE that came to us whilst living in Fortune Close was Jared. I really was not kidding. That story is for another posting.

One particular memory I have of this event was going with my Dad, Michael and Rebecca to the hospital to see baby Jared. My Mom, unfortunately was not well and we were not able to go in the room but what I do remember was my Mom at the window holding up Jared so we could see him. As she was not on ground level , it was hard to see even a glimpse but no matter, we still saw a baby. My Mom threw chocolate bars to us from the window. Even to this day, I remember the Crunchie bar was for me. (Now you know why I posted the pic of a Crunchie bar.) Living in the States, it is not often I come across a Crunchie, but when I do, I cannot help but think of this wonderful memory.

Today was Stake Conference here in Riverton, UTAH. (Coincidentally, it was Stake Conference 33 years ago too, held in York, England. Bless my Mom for going when that very day she went into labor).

President Henry B. Eyring spoke to us and what a pleasure it was to be able to listen to his words. I was feeling very emotional and decided not to go when I heard my Dad's voice, "Go to church", so I got ready and went. Boy was I glad I did.

President Eyring spoke of how at 7 years old, he had 2 crooked teeth. He prayed that night that God would straighten his teeth (afterall he knew he could perform miracles..:) The next morning when he awoke, he decided he should not look in his mouth as that would seem as if he was doubting God. He got ready for school and went into the bathroom and there was a MIRROR! He saw his teeth and of course they were still crooked, just as they were the night before. He explained how he knew God loved him just the same.

Believe me I have gone to bed many nights, praying for a miracle for my Dad. Praying he would be healed having a full and true faith that God could and would perform that miracle.

President Eyring then went on to say that we should always say "Thy will be done". Another thing he said which impressed me was that just before our Savior was crucified, whilst suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane, he asked his Father to take the 'cup' away from him and said "Not my will but thine be done." Just as our Savior had angels bear him up, we too can feel the presence of angels during our trials.

Now instead of praying for a miracle for my Dad to be healed, I pray that he will feel the presence of angels during his trials.

Here is a picture of Dad and Jared

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