Tuesday, September 16, 2008

John and John!

John Sims, Grandfather and John Conrad, Grandson.

Lance and I could not carry on the 'Sims' name but we did something just as good. We named our first and only son, John. This picture was taken in May 2006 and boy was it a HOT day. The picture will tell that story. I took the picture by the water as it helped cool us down.

John (Dale) is a special spirit. I have to share a special moment here. In 1995, my Dad gave me a Father's blessing and told me that a baby boy was waiting to come into my life. When I found out I was pregant in 2003, I knew this was the baby boy my Dad had told me about in this blessing. I went for a scan and I told the Ultrasound Technician that I knew the baby was a boy. Sure enough! Brad told me "Your parents are going to have a grandson at long last". They had waited a long time to have a (blood) grandson. All their grandchildren then and since have been girls.

I looked at Lance and asked if we could call him John. Lance's middle name, and his Father Clif , have the middle name of Dale, so we instantly chose John (Dale).

On the many occasions that my Dad has had to visit us here in UT, he has spent hours at the Temple (LDS). We would drop him off and pick him up very regularly and as we drove by the Temple one day after my Parents had gone back to England, my son said, "Mom! Look! There is Grandad's house!"

This is the example, the legacy that my Father has been to my children. I hope my son grows up to be the example my Dad has always been.

The name John is of Hebrew origin and means 'God is gracious'.

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