Sunday, September 21, 2008

When they fell in love! It would be FOREVER!

Everyday I think about how blessed I am to have such wonderful parents. Some may say I am lucky. Luck doesn't have anything to do with it. I thank God daily for these two wonderful people. (Just for the record, YES I am crying as I type! :)

Talk about 'inseperable'. Barely if ever will you have seen one without the other. They have been a great example to their children of companionship. They have barely spent time apart.

Here are a few examples of when they have:

Our son was born in 2003. My parents had already been to visit us in March of that year. Dad decided he didn't want to come back in September for the birth as he had already been that year. He also knew that with me having a baby, I would be out of commission for a while and thought it would be nice to have Mom come here by herself to help out.
BIG MISTAKE. The minute the plane took off, he was regretting it and worrying how on earth he would cope for SIX weeks without her. (Please note that 6 weeks to my Dad in this case was like leaving a loved one of yours for six YEARS.)

They spoke on the phone everyday. (Thank goodness for great phone plans.) Dad walked around the streets of Hull looking like a lost soul. Many people were worried about him. He was frantic without 'his Val' by his side.

When Mom got back to England, he vowed that would never happen again and it hasn't! When our next and final baby was born, you bet Dad came with her. I think he was quite relieved when we announced Olivia was our last baby.

Another occasion was when I lived in England. I lived in the next street (just minutes away from their house.) That was good planning on my behalf ;) Dad came over one morning as he normally did and asked if he could use my phone. I thought that was kinda odd as he didn't need to ask. I asked who he was calling and he said "Your Mom." I thought that was even more odd as he had just come over from their house. So I told him. "Dad why do you want to call Mom, you just left her." His response: "BECAUSE I HAVEN'T SEEN HER FOR FIVE MINUTES AND I MISS HER."

And finally, on their last visit here, Mom and I went to the nail salon. We got in the car and Dad jumped in. I told him we would be back soon and he said, "Oh that's ok, I want to come too." He walked around the grocery store (Supermarket) next to the nail salon for .....well I don't know but it was quite some time. He did stop in a couple of times to 'check to see if we were alright'.

What a man! I cannot even begin to tell the many stories, the many times I have seen his love in action for my Mother. I always joke around with him and tell him if my Mom had to have gone in hospital, he would have hid under the bed before he left her there to go home by himself.

They adore each other! It's not even a 'TRADE SECRET' either. Everyone knows.

Like I said, it is not luck! It is a blessing to have such wonderful parents.

(Pictures taken in York, May 2008)

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