Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ding Dong! AND it's not the Avon lady!

Yesterday, I mentioned how my family and I went to England in July 2007 to surprise my Dad. He had absolutely no idea we were going as you can tell by his face in these pictures. After he had stopped saying "Look who's here Val, I can't believe it!" AND "Are you going to stay?" (No Dad, we just flew 5,000 miles to come and say hello....:) all he kept saying was "Oh I would have shaved today had I known you were coming.

Honestly! Like we worried about what he looked like! He could have looked like Tom Hanks in Castaway or Forrest Gump for all I cared. It was just so wonderful to see him. He said the only good thing about chemotherapy was the fact that he didn't have to shave.

It was so great to be there. My Mom and my sister knew we were coming but the rest of the family had no idea.

Whilst we were unpacking, he went upstairs to shave.

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