Thursday, September 11, 2008

Up the Robins!

For those who know my Dad well, will know his love and passion (apart from his family and his church) is Rugby League.
Dad used to play for Hull Kingston Rovers and was so very proud of the Robins. (Still is). This picture isn't of the greatest quality but it was taken 50 years ago, so I think it has done considerably well due to the fact that it is a paper clipping. I remember when I was in Junior High when Rovers beat Hull FC at Wembley. What a day that was. Red and White (10) v Black and White (5).
The one injury that I think of often (and it happened before I was born) was when he was taken to the hospital with his ear hanging off....YUCK. I think the medics did an awesome job as my Dad has always had good hearing. :)
Even today, Dad is a proud supporter of the 'Robins'. Many Missionaries remember his famous saying "Up the Robins".

What a handsome man! No wonder Mom fell in love with him :)

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