Monday, January 26, 2009

May I take your order please?

This is a picture of my beautiful niece, Samantha. I have always loved this picture. Her cute little dress is so adorable. I just love how she has her hands and fingers positioned.

I am all packed and ready to leave for England. I am really looking forward to seeing my nieces and enjoying my short time with them. I wish they all could have had more time to spend with their Grandad, but the time will come when they will be able to spend ALL time and eternity with him.

I am so very tired as I have made lots of cute things for my Mom. The one thing I am looking forward to is enjoying a good chinese take away. Chinese Resturants in the US are just not the same as they are in England. My absolute favorite is "Prawn Curry". Dad and I would always share and as he didn't like prawn I would order Chicken Curry. He could never eat a full portion, even before he got ill.

I am just reminded now of Dad's joke he used to tell. Click here to read the post.

I really miss hearing Dad's jokes. He always loved telling them, even if we had heard them so many times before :)

It's no joke I really miss him and love him so very much :)

"We love and miss you Dad"

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