Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fun in the sun

This picture was taken at Bridlington in July 2007.

Dad loved his days at the beach. Whenever we could, we would be in the sun. So many memories of the seaside. John and Brooke loved the sea and Grandad loved seeing them run in the water and splash. I was amazed how John Jr would just run in the water and give no care of the waves. He has always been a water baby. He kept asking Brooke why she had her 'floaties' on. Dad had so much time for his children and grandchildren. He loved spending time with us all.

Many years ago I remember one particular Sunday whilst on one of our vacations, Dad insisted we go to church. We did not have a car and we did not know the bus schedule. I simply remember him telling us the Lord would provide a way for us to get to church. We put on our Sunday clothes and headed out of the caravan site for the main road. We were in Primrose Valley and the nearest church was in Scarborough. More than 10 miles away. We had been walking for what seemed forever (but really it was not a long way) when a car pulled up and it was someone heading to church and noticed us dressed up for church and figured we needed help.

Dad was so right! He had said that the Lord would provide and he surely did. Not only did we get a ride to and from church, the family made us a wonderful dinner too.

Dad always had great faith. He taught us that if we did what God wanted us to do, we would be blessed.

All his life he has taught us to endure to the end and if anyone has practiced the words they preached it has surely been him. He has and continues to 'Endure to the End'.

"We love you Dad"

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