Thursday, January 15, 2009

Beach Boys (and girls)

This picture was taken in Aug 2007. John and Brooke, Dad, Jared and Caitlin.

It was not a very warm day and the water was pretty cold. It didn't deter us from going in the water and having fun. Due to the fact that we live in Utah, John does not get to see the sea! The only water we play around in is in the rivers, lakes, the swimming pools or the bath tub. :) He really enjoyed going to the beach.

We always loved going to the beach and having fun. As a child, I remember very vividly Dad just running in to the sea and diving right in. He used to tell us we would feel a lot warmer once we got wet and always encouraged us to go under the water. How I miss those days! We would always enjoy fish and chips and Mom would always tell us to save room for ice-cream. She used to love a 'Knickerbocker Glory' (I still wonder where they got that name from). We would love to smell and eat the hot sugar donuts and never came home from the seaside hungry.

We used to love going on the boats. Whether it was a larger boat to Flamborough Head or a rowing boat, we always had a blast. I remember on one occasion, Mom, Dad and I went on the larger boat and it was a pretty cold day. Mom and I had bought cups of hot chocolate and I got pretty fed up of mine, so I attempted to throw the hot chocolate into the sea. The wind blew and the drink went in the opposite direction and splashed this woman on her back. She had a white shirt on and Dad was amused by the chocolate stains down her back. He looked at me and I just looked the other way as if I had no clue as to what just happened. He often reminded me of that, especially on our future trips to the seaside.

What fond memories we as a family have of our many, many days spent at Bridlington :)

"We love you Dad"

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