Monday, January 12, 2009

Missionary Monday

I am sure you have missed my posts. I sure have missed posting them. This past week I have been in Florida and did not have internet access. I am now back in full swing.

Today I am going to post about the greatest missionary I have ever personally known. His name is John Sims.
I thought it would be significant to post a picture with my Dad standing by his car. I couldn't begin to even try to work out how many miles he has driven picking up missionaries and dropping them off but whenever they needed his help he was there. (Reminds me of a song "When I needed a neighbor, were you there, were you there?)
Ever since Dad joined the LDS church in 1968, he has been a missionary. He has done his utmost best to share the gospel with every one he has come in contact with. Many times he would tell us how he wished he had joined the church earlier in his life so he could have served a mission and many times many people have told him how he has served his mission for 40 years.
Dad loved to go to appointments with the missionaries. He loved to bear his testimony and tell them how much he loved the church. He enjoyed telling his jokes and had so much fun with the missionaries and the people they were teaching.
I remember back in the 80's when Dad played his well known joke on one of the missionaries in Hull. 'Elder Perkins' was arriving in Hull, his very first area. He had just left the Missionary Training Center where he had spent the last 3 weeks learning all about the British culture. A taxi dropped him off in Ceylon Street, Hull and who should walk up to the taxi to welcome him but my Dad.
My Dad introduced himself as 'Elder Sims'. He told Elder Perkins that he had come out on his mission late and was sorry he had not had time to shave but would take care of that right away. He picked up Elder Perkins cases to take them into the flat/apartment and had a smile on his face as a very puzzled missionary followed him. Once inside the flat/apartment his 'REAL' companion introduced himself and they all just laughed and laughed. Dad told that story for many years afterward.
Not only was Dad a wonderful missionary, he did more for the Missionaries than any person I know. Whenever they asked him for anything, he would do it. He was always at his happiest helping others and especially them. He served many years as a Ward/Stake Missionary and as Ward Mission Leader.
I KNOW exactly what he will be doing when the Lord takes him home. Teaching others the gospel of Jesus Christ.
"We love you Dad"

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