Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

This is one of my very favorite pictures of Dad. He was making me laugh and he was about to put the arm rest down......I couldn't resist taking a picture so reached into my purse/bag for my camera. (A true Scrapbooker carries her camera everywhere :) We had gone to ASDA (Wal Mart) and he preferred to ride around in this as most of you will understand, we women like to shop.

This was taken during our family vacation to England to surprise Dad in 2007. I have put up a few pictures of Dad in our home and this is one that I put on our table in the family room. I will always treasure this picture as one of those "Life is about being happy and ALL will be well" kinda pictures.

Oh my heart is breaking as I think back on the memories from that visit. Dad was just so thrilled to see us and we spent every minute with him.

Well against ALL odds, Dad has made it into his 70th year. If Dad could he would wish all of you, whether he knew you or not a very HAPPY New Year. He is well known for talking to anyone, no matter who they are, if he knew them or not. He was one of those who would literally give you the shirt off his back then ask what else he could do for you. He would always greet people with a smile and a kind word. What an example of a Christlike life he has led. What an example he has been to his family and friends and to many he did not even know.

I personally would like to thank you for taking time to read this blog. I am thrilled that I have so many memories of a wonderful Father. One who lived to serve others and especially his Maker. Whilst I sit here with tears falling down my cheek, I am filled with a peaceful feeling as I think of him meeting Him one day.

"Happy New Year" everyone! I wish you all the very best. Be sure to continue to join me for more memories as I honor my Father, John Sims.

"We love you Dad"


Alan Tong said...


You know your dad is plain speaking? Well, that's a Yorkshire trait, and I am a true Yorkshireman. In truth, I am disappointed that there are thousands of hits on this blog (the counter shows that) and yet so few are sending comments.

This is a great man, who has touched so many of our lives in a positive way. Come on folks, his daughter is doing a fantastic job with these blog entries. Show your support for this wonderful man by taking the time to do more than just read. Take the time to add a comment. I know what John would do if the roles were reversed. You must have little anecdotes you can share with us all. Let's hear them.

Maxine Conrad said...

Thanks Alan. I would love to see comments. I am planning on printing them and adding them to a book I am making to give to my Mom, one day :)

I appreciate your comments Alan. It is always a treat to read them and I am so grateful you esteem my Dad as highly as you do. Please know he loved and respected you the same. He must have told me hundreds of time that he went to Merthyr Tyfdfil to marry you and Gina. We love you both! xxxx

Maxine Conrad said...

I did mean to type 'Merthyr Tydfil" :)