Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The best Mom and Dad there is!

This picture was taken in May 2007 in York, England. Look how tiny the road is... I love it!

We were having a fun day. The best part of it for me was simply being with two people who have brought so much joy into my life, my Mom and Dad. We shared memories and talked about life in general. Dad was feeling ill but he never complained. He loved the outdoors and really lived life to the full.

Oh how I miss him! I am trying to be strong and remember where he is and what he is doing, but it is painful. I am sure you can tell that we are a close family and spent so much time together. During this visit to England, I spent every minute of every day with Dad. Wherever he went, I was right there with him.

Whilst I never would have wanted him to suffer, I have been so grateful that we have had these past 2 years to really get to know each other well. I have always loved my Dad but during these past 2 years things have been so different. The things that seemed to bother me before, didn't bother me. I have got to know him so well by asking questions and generally wanting to know about his life. He told me on many occasions that my Mom was his life. If he didn't have her, life would be too painful for him. He joked around by saying how blessed she was to be married to him, but would soon tell us he was messing and that he was the blessed one.

Personally I think they were both blessed. I think my siblings and I were too. We got the best Mom and Dad there is.
"We love you Dad"

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