Monday, January 19, 2009

Missionary Monday

What a wonderful surprise to receive this message from a Missionary who served in Hull way back when I was 7 years old :) This is a picture of Elder & Sister Wright.
Elder Wright wrote:

"I had the privilege of knowing John when he was in his prime. He was Bishop John Sims to me......and his counselors were Brother Stan Metcalf, retired from the fisheries..... and Brother Roy, from Scotland. I served in 1975, living above Pramland and Mr. Moxin's for the six months I was honored to serve in Hull East Ward. Your son Jared got me to the blog site that your daughter Maxine has been running and I went through it all. I had some priceless thoughts as I went through it. I remembered many memories, and I must be one of the old ones, as it seems like just yesterday ......when I saw the picture of Bishop Sims and President Ian Swanney in active leadership in Yorkshire, attending to general conference.

I love John. I know he loved me. I am now on a proselyting mission in Hawaii with my wife Sandi. We work in a ward on the Big Island of Hawaii on the south point of the island for an 18 month assignment. John would love it here and he would just love the people. They are his type. My heart goes out to you. My heart goes out to John. He is a good man. I remember his firm handshake; his jokes; his zeal for the work; his love of what was right; his mischief; his laughter and his ear to ear smile; his passion for everything he did; his testimony; his rugby. I will always hold a special place in my heart for him."


Elder Jeffrey Wright
England Leeds Mission

This message was written whilst Dad was still living and was sent for my Mom. Thank you for sending this to me Elder Wright. It amazes me how people remember my Dad from years ago for his many attributes. He truly was awesome. (and still is ;)

"We love you Dad"

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Alan Tong. said...


I remember Elder Wright. He was in East Hull with, I believe, Elder Mortensen when I got back from my Mission. He and his companion were excellent missionaries, and helped me to settle back in when I got home. I am not surprised to see him back in the Mission Field. If you have his e-mail address, say "Hi" to him for me. (It would be interesting to see if he even remembers me.) (John Fountain and I both got home at the same time, so he may remember John as well.

Best regards,