Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Missionary Monday ON Tuesday

It is not unusual for me to wake up in the night thinking of Dad and worrying about both him and my Mom. When I woke up in the early hours, I realized I had forgotten about Missionary Monday. I will post pictures of Craig and his family soon.

Craig Brewster is one of our most dear friends. He has known my parents since 1969 when he went to England to serve his mission. He is so humble and such a very good person. He has a wonderful family and we love them. My Dad has spoken so highly of Craig over the years and really loved seeing him when he came to Utah to visit.

Here is what Craig wrote:

I have wonderful memories of your mother and father. My relationship with them was one of the reasons my 6 month stay in Hull was such a highlight for me on my mission.

I enjoyed your father joining me a number of times when I had a discussion to give. He joined me a number of times to simply go tracting. He has always been so missionary minded.

I enjoyed spending part of my first Christmas in England in the Sims home. Their kindness helped me enjoy my first Christmas away from home. My companions and I enjoyed many meals provided by Val during my Hull stay. John’s firm handshake was always a delight to receive. I regret not getting a chance to see him in his Rugby playing days. I just remember the story of how his ear got ripped off as a player.

Through the years I’ve enjoyed interacting with John and Val when they would come to Utah for a visit. It was a treat to have them over for dinner at our home. One thing you could rely on when John would come…..a good joke. He always had a good one. I loved the little gifts that he would give me when he would visit.

I was impressed with his voracious appetite for reading. He would pull out his wallet and produce the piece of paper where he would record the number of pages or books he had read. Once in awhile he would visit me at my office at the bank where I work and we would spend some time discussing gospel principles or laughing about memories of the past.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, John and Val Sims are two of the most favorite people that I have met in my lifetime.

To my friend John I say, gooday mate.

Craig, thank you for your kind words. My Dad thinks the world of you and has always enjoyed your company.

"We love you Dad"

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