Sunday, January 25, 2009

In memory of Lewis Preston

My dear Dad,
I love you more than words can say. You have fought and suffered so long now. You have been so brave. You have fought a good fight and you came off conquerer. Cancer killed your body but not your spirit. Your spirit is now free of all earthly pain and sorrow.

Thank you for being such a wonderful Dad. You have been such a good friend to many and a fine example to all.

I will forever keep my promise to you and look after your beloved wife Val, our Mother.

'Til we meet again dear Dad

Your loving daughter

This was the tribute I paid my Dad online in his local newspaper. I am just so thrilled I am feeling his presence. I hope it continues always.

I was chatting with my cousin Tina today and we talked about life after death. Her son, Lewis died in a tragic accident and she knows the real pain and sting of death. I remember when I heard this devasting news. I had just recently moved to the US. I just can't even imagine how my cousin felt when this happened. She has been so strong.
My Dad would often talk to me about Lewis and tell me how he knew Tina and Phil would see their son and live with him again. Tina told me my Dad wrote them a letter when Lewis died and he explained this in the letter. Dad was very open with his belief on a life after this one and I honestly know that the reason I am coping so well now is because he passed that belief on to me.

"We love you Dad"

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