Sunday, January 18, 2009

Touching Messages

This picture was taken in May 2008 in Hornsea, England.

Today at church our friend Byron announced the passing of my Father. He mentioned ward members had enjoyed my Parents company and their testimonies. How he would be missed and how he knew my Dad had gone back to live with our Father in Heaven. Our Stake President also mentioned in his talk how my Dad was the most friendliest person and how he enjoyed his presence in meetings. Elder Fife, a missionary from our Stake who had served in my Parents ward (Hull 2nd) had told President Mills that my Dad wanted to be remembered to him and to say Hi and ask how he was doing. It was very touching.

I was wondering what memory I may share with you today. I have really felt my Dad's presence and I have been reminded over and over of the legacy he has left behind. I have been inundated with the most wonderful messages and I want to share some of them with you. These are all messages from friends in our neighborhood. Dad was always so happy that I had such good friends.

Maxine, I'm sorry to learn about the passing of your father. He's an amazing person with a heart dedicated to your family, our families and our eternal family. We will miss his testimony of the Savior. I, for one, am assured that he is making preparations for the rest of us on the other side. Thanks for sharing your father with the rest of us. Our thoughts are with you at this time. With much love
~Byron Montgomery (Neighbor and Friend)

I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. He is a lovely person and heaven will be blessed to receive him. Our prayers are with you, your mom and your family, Maxine.
~Linda Petersen (Neighbor and Friend)

Oh, Maxine - I'm so sorry. Please know we love you and send our thoughts to your mother. Your blog makes me cry. It's beautiful. I'm sorry he's gone. I love you.
~Marla Radeke (Neighbor and Friend)

Maxine I am so sorry to hear about your cute little dad. Your love and adoration for you dad is inspiring. If only all children could honor their parents the way you do. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your mom!
~Cindy Morrey (Neighbor and Friend)

Dear Maxine, Dave and I are so saddened by the passing of your wonderful father whom we enjoyed so much when he was here. You have our deepest condolences as we keep you in our thoughs and prayers.
~Karinne Westenskow (Neighbor and Friend)

We are so sorry for the passing of your dad. It was wonderful to get to know him when he came to visit. Let us know if you need anything.
~Sara Douglas (Neighbor and Friend)

Max I am so sorry. You and your family are in my prayers. :(
~Anthony Medici (Neighbor and Friend)

I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. He was an amazing man and your memory pages were beautiful. He is in a better place and it is so comforting to know that he is no longer in pain, but somehow it is still hard for us down here. I love you and have a shoulder any time you need it. You are also an amazing person.
~Valerie Kempner (Neighbor and Friend)

Maxine, I heard the news this morning about your dear, sweetheart, of a Father. what a wonderful, kind hearted, man. He was such a ray of sunshine and example of the love of Christ. I so enjoyed the opportunity of getting to know both your parents. through their shared testimonies and endearing personalities. Tell your Mother people in Riverton think kindly of her and wish to send her and you and your family comfort and love.
~Allison Schaerr (Neighbor and Friend)

Hey Max--I left some flowers and a card on your porch for you. I hope you got them inside before they froze! :) I chose Easter Lillies because it represents the resurrection and new life. What a glorious day it will be when you can reunite with your dad and other loved ones who have gone before. We love ya tons Max! Let us know what we can do to help your family and give your mum a big hug and kiss for us! xoxoxox
~Karen McCabe (Neighbor and Friend)

Maxine- You were truly blessed to have such a wonderful father and mother! All of our love and prayers go to you and your family. Let me know if you need a friend to 'chat' with or one who will just listen... Love you!
~Vicki Morgan (Neighbor and Friend)

Dear Maxine I am truly sorry for your loss. I am a big fan of your Dad's. I see his strength in you so his legacy lives on....Let us know if there is anything we can do. We sure love ya.
~Shaun Covington (Neighbor and Friend)

Love him! Love you! God bless!
~Gene & Cyd Horne (Neighbors and Friends)

Max, I am sorry for your sense of loss . . . you could not have said it better than you did on the blog, "Earth weeps and Heaven rejoices!" He will have plenty of work to do there and he will now be able to do it without the distraction of the pain he has endured for so long. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers. May the Holy Spirit and our Lord's angels lift and comfort you through this season. Your Brother and friend,
~Joseph Irvine

Maxine Thank you for sending the blog link to me. I send my condolences to you and your family. Many have been influenced and many will feel the loss. Know that my prayers are with you to help you in the days ahead. He has completed his mortal probation as a valiant servant of the Lord and has gone home to many who were waiting to welcome him. Our love to you.
~Dennis Stuart and Family (Family Friends)

Aren't these messages so wonderful? I have plenty more to share. As my Mom is not on Facebook, this will be a great way for her to see these messages and for us to keep them for years to come :)

Thanks to all of you who are making this very painful time bearable.

"We love you Dad"

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