Sunday, January 4, 2009

In Memory of a special friend - Leslie Bower

This picture was taken on my most recent trip to England in May.

Today my Mom called me to let me know our special friend 'Les Bower' had passed away. He had been ill for some time and really suffered to the end. Les was always a very happy man. He loved his wife and family, after years of knowing them (basically all my life) I had seen on several occasions the love this family had/has for each other. Les always liked to tell jokes. He always had a smile and a greeting for you. He used to look like 'Bobby Ball' (Cannon and Ball) in his younger years.

Audrey is one of those people who you just loved to have conversations with. She is such a genuine lady and amidst her struggles of her own, she was always smiling and enjoyable to be around. Audrey has been a big part of my life, having taught me in my teenage years and I KNOW we weren't the best to teach. We were rather a rowdy bunch. However, we always respected Audrey as she made our classes so wonderful. I was friends with two of Audrey's nieces in school, Alison and Carol. I really liked their Mom, Joyce who is Audrey's sister.
As I was thinking of Audrey today, I knew my Dad would call her if he could to let her know he was thinking of her, so I picked up the phone and called her. She answered the phone in such a sweet voice (her usual mannerism) and I told her I loved Les and he had been a great friend over the years and would be missed. I told her I loved her too. She said "I love you Maxine". I shed tears as I thought how sweet it was of her to say that. She shared a special experience with me and I thanked her for that.
Afterwards, I called my Uncle Geoff in England. I wanted him to know I was thinking of him. He is my Dad's only living brother now and I just felt the need to talk to him. He is not well either and I got emotional as we were chatting about how brutal it was for my Dad to suffer the way he is. Uncle Geoff has always been my favorite Uncle. (Blood related uncle....Hey I have to mention that or Uncle Gordon would be upset with me ::)) Uncle Gordon is my favorite Uncle by marriage.

This is a picture of Gillian and Peter. Les was ordained a High Priest (in the LDS church) in May 2008 and his children were all there to support him. Steve and Paul went out the back door so I wasn't able to get their picture.

Have you ever smelled something that brings back a memory? For me, I always think of Audrey when I smell 'Timeless' perfume by Avon. She always smelled of Timeless and when I looked at the Avon book just recently, I told my friend Michell, I just HAD to buy some for a sweet friend in England.

My Mom and Dad have always spoken highly of Les and Audrey. My Dad used to tell me often how they were 'troopers'. He loved them and now Dad has yet another friend waiting for him.

So Les, you better have the jokes at the ready! You will be missed. It was a pleasure knowing you. You filled many lives with love and laughter.
My thoughts and prayers are with the Bower Family.
"We love you Dad"

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