Saturday, January 3, 2009

On the Buses

This picture was taken in August 2007 on Holderness Road in Hull, England.

Lance had just flown into England this day. I had already spent 3 weeks there with our children. Lance had joined us for the last 3 weeks. Lance had been sat down for approximately 24 hours on planes and in airports and on a train. He is 6'4" so doesn't have the most comfortable time on planes. He wanted to walk. We decided to take a walk to ASDA/Wal Mart and Dad walked with us ALL the way there. I didn't think he would make it (Why on earth would I doubt that after our five and a half hour walk in Paris?.....Click here to read that post if you missed it.

On our way back home, Dad felt tired and decided he would take the bus. I offered to go with him, but he said I should walk and he would take a nap whilst we all were walking home.

Who would think to take a picture of their Dad at the bus stop? Again, the scrapbooker coming out in me, I carried my camera everywhere I went. I am so glad I took such a lot of pictures of Dad. I wish, I really wish, I had taken many, many more. I have been getting all upset with myself wondering why I didn't take a picture here, or take a picture there but I decided that even if I only had one picture of him, I had a 1000 and more memories which were more important than a picture. So one day it may get to the point where I am writing memories and I will use a 'standard' picture of Dad. I am sure you would be happy to still read the fun stories.

I remember one evening when Dad came over to visit me and use his famous line "Is there anything I can do for you love?", I was watching 'On the Buses'. I really miss the British comedies. This was a classic. It was a sitcom and I had watched the series before but I was watching "Holiday on the Buses" and it was awesome. Oh my gosh was that funny? Dad sat down and ended up watching the rest of it with me. I know he did not plan on it but he often just sat down and spent time with me. I know he felt sad that I was alone and always wanted to keep me company. He was just so good at doing that. He actually made it so funny to watch as he was laughing and I loved to see and hear him laugh.

Of course he would have to spend time with Natalie and Kayleigh (my daughters) and always had a bar of chocolate (usually a milky way) for them.

No matter how hard life seemed, Dad always made me see the good in it and often reminded me to think of others much less fortunate than myself.

"We love you Dad"

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