Monday, January 5, 2009

The 3 women in John's life

I bet you didn't know Dad was a photographer did you? Look at this amazing picture of caravans and grass. Oh let's see there are 3 people at the very edge of the picture. I really don't know what we are wearing but please remember it was the 70's! ;)

We always had so much fun when we were on our family holidays/vacations. No matter what we did we enjoyed each others company and loved spending time at the caravan sites.
The 3 women in Dad's life, his lovely wife and our Mother Val, Rebecca and myself. He did all he could for us. No matter what we asked of him, nothing was too much trouble. He did it with a happy heart.

We went to Bridlington, Scarborough, Primrose Valley for our family holidays. One year we went to Mablethorpe. I will always be grateful for the sacrifices made for us. We think times are bad now with the economy etc, but we have a lot more now (all of us) and a lot better things than we ever did back then (including clothes ;) One thing we always had a lot of was LOVE. We were cared for and we were blessed with many things. Whenever I think of happy memories our family holidays always come to mind. I will always be grateful for the fun times we had.

Dad loved to take pictures and I can assure you he got much better with practice :)

Tomorrow I am heading to Florida for the rest of the week on a business trip. I get to play too and our company has rented out "Hero Island" at Disneyworld.

It will be a struggle for me going to the airport boarding a plane and not going to England......well not yet anyway.

"We love you Dad"

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Alan said...


Enjoy Florida. We have a time-share there, and have had some great times.

If you get a chance to go to Sea World take it. Our family love it.