Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A reminder that Families are Forever

This picture was taken in August 2007 at the Preston Temple in England.
I have this picture as my screen saver on my laptop. I always chuckle as I look at how tall Lance is. I get a tear in my eye as I look at Dad and think of the happy memories and how I wish we could have time for more. I think of all that my Mom is doing for him. She told me today that it is getting much harder for her. Not so much the physical part of it but emotionally. I can't even imagine what she is 'really' going through and my heart is heavy as I think of what it must be like for her as she continues to 'endure to the end'. The Doctor has given my Dad just weeks to live but this doesn't mean much to me as I have been hearing this for so long now.
It was the last time I went to the Temple with my Parents. It will be a very special memory for me. Dad really was not well this day but as always he made the effort to go. I remember during this visit how I would look at Dad and just pray that a miracle would happen. That somehow he would be made whole and well again for the sake of him, my family and all the people who benefitted from the life he led. I was reminded how families are forever and that one day he would suffer no more.
At this point, Dad had lost a lot of his normal humor. He used to love to chat and talk about his memories but he was feeling so ill all the time that he just did not like to do the normal things anymore.
Right until the very end, he has always done what was expected of him and has spent a good life serving God and his fellowman. I know one day we will all understand why he has had to go through. He has always taught us to have faith and I am so very grateful for the example he has been to so many people throughout his life.
Tonight Lance and I had a visit from two of our friends. I shared some special memories with them about Dad and read them one of the many letters he has sent me. One of the friends, Darren mentioned how grateful he was for Dad's good example and how he had always enjoyed listening to Dad's testimony. It never faltered. It never failed. His testimony is as strong (if not stronger) now than ever.
"We love you Dad"

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Alan Tong. said...

Hi Maxine,

I just took the phone call I have been dreading from your mum in which she told me of the passing of your dad, At the same time I am happy that he is now free from pain and suffering. He will be preaching the Gospel again, and will have the privilege of speaking with the man he loved, even though he had never met in this life, Joseph Smith.

Your dad has been a wonderful friend to me, and also a great example. He preached what he practised. (Yes, I do mean it tht way round.) His loyalty and faithfulness to the Church and it's leaders was unflinching. More importantly, he was a true follower of Christ, and of his Heavenly Father.

Your dad always showed that fidelity in marriage is not outdated in this modern world of ours. He was dedicated to your mum, and was a living embodiment of the fact that Families are Forever.

When I pass over the Veil I am sure that I will hear a voice in that Heavenly throng that says, "Hey Alan, Up the Robins!! Oh by the way, have you got that tenner you owe me."