Friday, November 28, 2008

Who wants to be a "Johnnyaire?"

Let's play a game in celebration of John's birthday! E-mail your answers to me at and put "John's Birthday Game" in the subject line. The answers will be posted on Tuesday December 2nd. Please send your questions on or before Tuesday 12pm MST/7pm GMT.

These are questions that I have asked Dad in the past, so the answers came right from him. He was not sure you'd be able to answer the question about his favorite sport! :)

Most of you will know my Dad's famous question "Have you got that tenner you owe me?" Click here to read the post. A TEN POUND note will be sent to the person who answers the most questions correctly. If the winner is in the US, you will receive TEN DOLLARS.

(My siblings and spouses can play but are not eligible to win! ;)

"What is John's favorite color?"
a) Blue b) Green
c) Brown d) Grey

"What was John's favorite food"?
a) Fish and Chips b) Chilli Con Carne
c) Stew and Dumplings d) Pizza

"What was John's favorite drink"?
a) Dandelion and Burdock b) Lemonade
c) Coca-Cola d) Apple Juice

"What was John's favorite chocolate bar?"
a) Milky Way b) Bounty
c) Snickers d) Mars

"Who is John's favorite Film Star?"
a) Marlon Brando b) John Wayne
c) Alan Ladd d) Clint Eastwood

"Who is John's favorite singer?"
a) Elvis Presley b) Dean Martin
c) John Denver d) Buddy Holly

"What is John's favorite sport?"
a) Rugby Union b) Golf
c) Cricket d) Rugby League

"What is John's favorite game?"
a) Checkers b) Chess
c) Cluedo (Clue in the US) d) Monopoly

"What was John's first car called?"
a) Cadillac Jack b) Mini Martin
c) Mazda Mike d) Jaguar John

"What is John's favorite pastime?"
a) Going to the Movies b) Kissing Val
c) Collecting coins d) Stamp collecting

"We love you Dad"

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