Friday, November 7, 2008

I want to ride my bicycle

Oh the memories. This picture was taken at Sewerby Park (Nr Bridlington).

We always enjoyed going on holiday/vacation. We would rent a caravan for the week and have so much fun. This session of playing on these 'cool' bikes ended in tears. You will notice that the bikes only have one brake on the right hand side. Michael and I were racing each other and I was going way too fast (Nothing has changed there. Lance is always telling me to watch my speed in the car;) and I was about to crash so I put my foot down on the floor. I had sandals on and scraped my toes across the ground to stop the bike. My toes were all bloody and looked just so awful. Amazing how I don't remember too much about the actual day but I most certainly remember scraping my toes really bad.

Dad never had a car when we were younger. We used to ride the bus, or walk or ride our bikes everywhere. One of my earliest memories of school was how Dad used to 'croggy' me on his bike to school. We would show up to school early as Dad needed to get to work. He would wait until some friends arrived then would leave..........he would look at me as long as he could blowing kisses and saying "see you tonight". There were days it was freezing, days it was raining but no matter the weather, we never complained. It was our way of life.

I look back now and smile as I think of the memories I have of Dad right from the very beginning taking care of us. Something that would last for the next 35 years.

"We love you Dad"

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Alan Tong said...


It has been so long since I heard the term "Crogger." You should really explain what it means for those not from Hull. A "crogger"is a ride on the crossbar of a bicycle. (You are still an "Ully then, even though t'other side of the oggy")