Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Letters from home

This is a picture of Dad at Brazil Street Post Office.

You never know how much you will miss something 'til it is gone. How I miss the letters and postcards from Dad. He wrote to me faithfully every week and often more. I always looked forward to receiving whatever he sent. Sometimes I would receive a long letter, others would be short, sometimes a postcard. I used to tease him and tell him whether he wrote on toilet paper, I would be grateful and one day I received a letter written on toilet paper! :)

Wherever he went he always had a pen, paper and envelopes with him. He wrote to my brothers whilst they were serving missions without fail. He wrote to missionaries, people who were sick, and friends.

Every letter he would let me know how things were back home. He would tell me of his love for his family and ALWAYS would write about his love for God and his Son, Jesus Christ. He would tell me how grateful he was for his membership in the church and for his family and friends. One thing he NEVER did was complain. Of every letter I have in my possession, and there are many, there isn't one where he has complained about anything. Even during his illness, he would always talk about the positive things.

Another of his sayings was "It is better to have a blunt pencil than the sharpest memory". He would write so many things down. To avoid forgetting something, he would always write himself messages. Many times I would get into his car to find a sticky note with a message on it stuck to his steering wheel. He would write things down that impressed him to be remembered at a later date. He always kept a diary and write personal notes and reminders.

Here is an excerpt I would like to share from one letter:

'Maxine, I do not know why I have cancer. I do not know the answer. What I do know is that I have it for a reason. I know God will take care of everything and I put my faith in him 100%. I love you and want you to endure to the end. All my love angel, Your Dad.'

It is amazing how many letters I have. I will treasure each and every one of them. This post has been a teary one for me. I have received a lot of help, advice, good words and strength from Dad's letters and now I know I won't receive another one and that is painful. :(

The letters that come to my mind just now are 'L O V E'

"We LOVE you Dad"

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Alan Tong said...


Did you ever read Proverbs 25:25? It is appropriate for this posting.

When I was a missionary that scripture became very meaningful.

Best regards,