Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Winnie and friends

These sweet little girls are Rebecca's and Gary's. Savannah (Mae), Samantha (Nicole) and Sienna (Loren). The only friends Winnie needs are these!

Dad loved spending time with his grand children. He used to dance with them and sing and playfully tease them. He was the kind of Grandad that always had some 'goodies' (candy) to give the kids. He used to love giving them Milky Ways.

Dad did so much to help all his children. Whether it was so they could have a night out, or a 'peaceful' trip to the store, he was always there to watch them. He had so much energy once upon a time to run around and really make them laugh. As his condition worsened, the energy was gone and his nerves shattered.

I was 18 when my Grandad (Dad's Father) died and had many memories of him. I feel so sad that our children will not get to know their Grandad. We can be sure to tell them lots of stories about him and his legacy will live on.

"We love you Dad"

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