Monday, November 17, 2008

Celebrating Mom's 70th birthday!

I took this picture when I was in England this past May (2008). We were celebrating Mom's 70th birthday at Mustafa's on Anlaby Road in Hull.

Dad was not feeling well at all but of course he would not miss out on his wife's birthday celebration. I sat next to him at the table and we both chose to eat 'Lamb Chops'. Absolutely beautiful. We both knew we had made the right choice when we saw them but as we were eating them we knew for sure we had :) The wrong choice was our dessert. We chose 'Fruit Salad' and we decided to share it as we were pretty full after our lamb chops. I was picturing in my mind, fresh fruit. It was canned fruit cocktail. We just kept laughing and pushing the dish in front of each other as neither one of us liked the look of it. It really was awful. The ice-cream was melting as we were just looking at it and laughing. It cost four pounds fifty. ($9)

Here is a picture of it. The picture is blurred as Dad and I were laughing so much at it. We had swirled our spoons around in the ice-cream not wanting to eat any of it.

After we were finished laughing, we paid for our food and went to Asda and bought ice-cream! We then went to Rebecca's and Gary's and had Raspberry and Apple Crumble and ice-cream. It was absolutely fabulous. I cannot even look at fruit cocktail anymore without thinking of Dad and I laughing at it.

Dad was always known for striking up a conversation with anybody. We saw him chatting to some people who were in the restaurant. We wondered what he was saying as they kept turning round and looking at Mom. Suddenly, Dad spoke very loud and said "I know you would just never believe she was 70 would you."
Apparently the guy at the table was celebrating his 70th birthday too and Dad was just so proud of how wonderful 'his Val' looked for her age.

I think the grapes in the fruit cocktail were older than she was. They certainly looked it.

"We love you Dad"

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