Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A walk in the park

This picture was taken in East Park, Hull, England, July 2007. I really was amazed with how great it looked. The greenery is always welcoming to my eyes being that I now live in the desert.

Many wonderful memories of this park. We used to go very often. Dad will always be remembered by his children for all the time he spent with us. Besides the time he spent at work or with his callings in the church, Dad spent ALL his time with his children. He was at his happiest when he was with his family.
East Park is the biggest park in Hull. We had fun playing on the swings, hiding in 'rockies' and looking at the animals/birds. We had a lot of fun on the swings. slides and roundabouts. There were tennis courts, an outdoor pool, football and rugby fields and the infamous bridge that crossed a lake where we would have many fun times on the motor boats and the rowing boats. Dad was the best at rowing. We would end up 'stuck' whenever Michael or I attempted to row. Mom used to grasp on to the edge for dear life, always worrying at the thought of falling in.

The splash boat was a higlight for us too. If you sat at the front or the back you would often get soaked. We also had fun on the 'showboat'. It was a boat that took us all round the lake and every could relax.

We were the kind of family that didn't need any money in our pockets to have fun. Most of the time we would all have an ice-cream, but if we didn't, that was ok. We always had a lot of fun and especially enjoyed feeding the ducks. I believe Jared got bit on his bottom on one occasion.

As we got older we enjoyed going there for walks and would often talk about all our happy memories at East Park.

"We love you Dad"

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