Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Lance

It is Lance's birthday today. Dad's birthday is in 2 weeks time. I didn't think he would make his birthday and he seems to be hanging on for something. I am putting together an album for him of best wishes and cards.

Dad always enjoyed celebrating our birthdays. He love the gift giving, the cake and ice-cream, the balloons and the games. He would love to give us birthday cards and presents. Dad taught us from a very young age that no matter what we received we should be grateful for. He always was. No matter what he received, he was most thankful for. I remember one year, I bought him a 'snickers'. I wrapped it all up pretty looking with a bow and he opened it and simply said "OH thanks, my favorite chocolate" and ate it right away." Of course I was joking with him and had a 'real' gift for him, but he did not know that. When he opened his 'real' present, he again was thankful and said, "oh the Snickers was all you needed to give me, I loved it". (I have just remembered they used to be called 'Marathon')
In the UK and Ireland, it was originally sold under the name "Marathon". Mars standardised many of its global brand names and the name was changed to Snickers in 1990. For 18 months before the name changed, the words "Internationally known as Snickers" were printed on the side of the Marathon wrapper. Following the name change, the bar moved from being Britain's ninth most popular bar to the third most popular

Today has been a plain ole' struggle for me. Some days I seem to cope but just lately I haven't been doing so well. It is difficult for me as I so feel the need to go and see my Dad, to just put my arms around him and thank him for all he has done. I would tell him I love him and of course I would cry. I feel the need to be over there for my Mother too. I would want to help give her a break and offer some comfort and support for her. I would cook her a meal, run her a hot bubble bath, sit with her and just simply BE THERE.

I am torn! I have chidren here that I NEED to be here for and I have parents over in England that I desperately WANT to be with.

"We love you Dad"

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