Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Michael, Maxine, Rebecca and Jared

Here is a picture of the (John) Sims kids. We lived in Fortune Close at the time and I do not exagerate when I tell you this was like living in Hell. The house was nice. We had a huge family room and a huge kitchen. The neighbors were absolutely awful. I have never met before nor since such nasty, foul mouthed people. They made our lives a misery.
Seems like my siblings, Michael, Rebecca and Jared are all smiling. Not much of a smile from me. Despite the nasty, rotten things these neighbors did and said, we had many fun times and we were a very loving family. My Dad was the Bishop at the time and I am convinced it was the right calling at the right time.
I remember many many times, my Dad going to them and trying so hard to sort things out with them. He really wanted to be the peacemaker and wanted to protect his wife and children from the daily abuse they faced. I remember my Mom crying and crying day after day, night after night at the dreadful things we faced.
Much of it was due to religious hatred. I remember one day we came home from church and there was a huge poster stuck to our front door. Drawn on the poster was an angel and a family bowing down to the angel.
Many times, on our way to school, Michael and I were subjected to kicks and punches and all kinds of abuse. They used their dog as a way to scare us and make me cry. They were by far the nastiest family I have ever known in my life.
Life throws at us trials we would rather not face. I used to go to bed at night letting God know I knew he could perform miracles and if he loved us he would perform a miracle. I used to pray that we would wake up in a different house. One that had a white picket fence with roses growing in the garden and tall trees. The house was in the middle of fields with no neighbors to torment nor make us afraid. I would wake up, to reality to see the same walls , knowing we would face yet another day of abuse and hardship.
I used to go to bed at night 30 years later, knowing God could perform a miracle and make my Dad whole again. Free from pain, suffering and sorrow. I believed it so bad. I now go to bed praying that God will perform his miracle and take Dad home to rest. Free from pain, suffering and sorrow.
"We love you Dad"

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