Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

This picture was taken one year ago today. Mom and Dad flew in to spend Thanksgiving/Christmas and New Year with us. Dad was really not well at all and I was so proud and happy that he made the effort to come spend time with us. I KNEW this would be his last trip to the United States.

The memories I have of this time spent together will stay in my heart forever. This just proves even more that even though my Dad was sick, he made the effort for the love of his family. As ill as he was, he traveled for 24 hours to come and see us and spend time with us. Something we will never forget. This was to be the last time Lance and my children would see him.

My Parents spent 6 weeks with us. It was a different vacation to times past. Before, we traveled to various places and had lots of fun doing different things. This visit I saw a big change. Dad slept/rested more. He felt weak/sick and didn't have any energy or strength to do the things we had done so many times before.

Still I remember, we were going to make the most of our time together, and we did! Lance has been so selfless on so many occasions. He has ensured that my parents had a comfortable and fun time and did so much for them. I will always be grateful to him for that.
Oh how my heart breaks thinking that there will never be times like this again, but oh how my heart rejoices thinking of all the bright and happy times that we will share in the life after this one. Roll on the day! ;)

"We love you Dad"

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