Sunday, November 30, 2008

True HULLite

This is a picture of Hull City Center. Dad was always so very proud of his birthplace. Wherever he went, he made sure everyone knew he was from "Hull, Yorkshire." When people in the States asked where we were from, Mom and I would say, near Leeds as most people have heard of Leeds. Dad would get a little annoyed, ok a lot annoyed with us and tell them, "We are from Hull". Now when people ask where I am from, I say "My Mother." ;)

Dad has visited the States on several occasions, even lived here in the early 90's but nowhere was home unless it was Hull. He missed several things about the place when he was not there. Mostly, it was Rugby League. He was always happy when he was watching rugby. He missed that so much whilst here in the US. The other thing he really missed was 'familiarity' with people. He missed his family (siblings) and people he knew and would regularly see. He also missed the food and in particular, pastry. His favorite was a currant slice, which I noticed had a name change to currant corner, when I was last in England.

So in tribute to Dad loving Hull so much, I thought you would love this. Thanks to Rebecca for sending it to me. Dad had 4 children and Rebecca is the only true 'Hullite'. (Although she lives in Bilton which is just out of Hull.....)Michael lives in Whitby, I am in the US as you know and Jared is in South Africa.

1. You know exactly what someone means when they said 'im off onta road'
2. You couldn't care less that The Deep is the world's only submarium.
3. You've had a pattie buttie.
4. You've gone to Hull Fair nearly every year of your life.
5. You know that Bob Carvers is the best place to eat at Fair.
6. You always see that big hole in the ground down Whitefriargate, but never really know why its there.
7. You pronounce Whitefriargate 'witefrigate' and no one understands you if they're not from Hull.
8. You know what a croggy and a tenfoot is.
9. East Hull- KR. West Hull- FC. Fact.
10. You don't think that there is anything odd about a white telephone box.
11. Boyes is pronounced 'boysies'
12. It's 'Prinny Quay' and 'Proszy Cenner'
13. You say 'of' when you're supposed to say have. Eg. 'Yeah I would of done it.'
14. You say going into town, even though Hull is a city.
15. You know that the band Everything But The Girl were from Hull and were named after a shop on Bev Road.
16. You know that if there's one place you'll get in underage; its Spiders.
17. You don't consider Cottingham, Hessle, Beverley etc as a part of Hull, and you tend to think they're posh.
18. You're allowed to slag Hull, but when someone else does, it gets PERSONAL!
19. You frequently wonder, WHAT THE HECK is that big TV doing in town?
20. You say 'proper' a lot.
21. You know what 'gizza skeg' means.
22. You were so proud when City got in the Premiership!
23. You love the smell of the cocoa factory!
24. You feel at home when you come back to Hull and see the Humber Bridge!
25. You know the difference between a chav and a townie.
27. You know that 'rag' means to take the mick out of'.

I really did laugh at all of these. If any of my American friends have any questions on the vocabulary used here, please let me know! ;)

"We love you Dad"

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