Saturday, April 18, 2009

Way to go John Jr!

I was so proud of my son John this morning. He loves to play soccer and I am thrilled about that. His team won 7-0 and John scored 5 of those goals. One of those goals was from one goal to the other. Gene Horne, his coach was very pleased with him.
I am thinking of looking for a little rugby team for him to join but I would be worried he would prefer that to soccer :)
I often wonder if Dad can see all our fun things we do and see our accomplishments. I like to think he can but then I sway to the thinking of how busy he will be. Thinking about it even more, I am pretty sure he can see us and takes delight in seeing us doing good things. I can just imagine him shaking his head at his only grandson playing soccer and not rugby :)
I watched Chelsea defeat Arsenal today for a place in the FA cup final. John enjoyed watching it too. I am now watching Hull City play Sunderland as they fight to stay in the Premiership.
How happy I am that I have been blessed with a son. I will share a special memory tomorrow of a blessing my Dad gave me back in 1993.
~John Sims - "Never to be forgotten! Always to be Remembered"
"We love and miss you Dad"

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