Monday, April 6, 2009

Olivia is 3

(This is Olivia shortly after she was born)

(This is Olivia on her first birthday)

Dad loved all his grandchildren. He treat everyone of them equally. He didn't get to see or spend as much time with Olivia as I wish he could have. I remember his last visit to the US, (Christmas 2007) he really didn't have much energy at all, but he loved to sing and dance around the room with his grandchildren and Olivia seemed to remember this for so long. Whenever she saw 'Grandad's' framed picture on the TV stand, she would pick it up and sing lalalalalala and swing it in her arms as she danced around the floor.

Olivia had to be born by c-section due to complications during labor. She has been a wonderful addition to our family. I must record her singing "You'll be in my heart" by Phil Collins. Oh my gosh she is amazing.
Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

It was at the time she was born that I got a greater insight into Dad's suffering of his many surgeries. After being cut open and stitched back up and feeling like I had been run over by a train afterwards, I had a greater love and appreciation for the man I knew as my Father who had suffered so many times. He was to have another surgery that proved unsuccessful 10 months later. At this time we did not know about his tumor.

As I looked into Olivia's eyes today, I saw my Dad. I pray that she will grow up to be like him. He left a legacy of love, service, faith and dedication behind.
Here is the new tag line that will appear on all posts now -

John Sims ~ Always to be remembered! Never to be forgotten!

"We love and miss you Dad"

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Alan Tong. said...


For those of us who know your dad, he will never be forgotten. We will ever remember his faith, courage, determination, fortitude, and, most of all, the way he just cares about people.

I deliberately use the present tense, for he lives on. My guess is that he is being as valiant in the world of spirits as he was here.

Warm regards,