Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dad's never failing testimony

(Beautiful sunset in Riverton, UT)

Today I listened to some wonderful talks from Leaders of "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints". I really appreciated the talks about Jesus Christ and his atonement, death and resurrection.

I reflected on the testimony borne many times by my Father. He loved when Fast Sunday came around and he had the opportunity to bear his testimony. (For those not familiar with our religion, on the first Sunday of every month members of the church are given the opportunity to publicly bear their testimonies in Sacrament Meeting.) Dad loved to share his. He would always speak with conviction and great faith. Even when he was really sick/ill, nobody could stop him getting up. It was a part of his life. He didn't even need to get up on the stand at church to let people know the divinity of Christ, the life of Joseph Smith and would always give God the honor and the glory. Dad would ask everyone to "Endure to the End" on several occasions. He truly practiced what he preached as he most certainly endured to the end. "I am so grateful that he NEVER EVER lost the testimony he shared for 40 years.

I really miss hearing his testimony, but fortunately, he bore it so often, I can still hear it in my mind. It was as strong as an Ox. There were no fancy words, or stories. He spoke fact and his belief of the gospel was solid. In one of the last testimonies he shared, he said "Some ask "Why me" when they have a life threatening illness. "I say Why not me?" What great faith he had.
Dad knew why he was here, he knew where he came from and he certainly knew beyond any doubt where he was going and that he would indeed be welcomed 'home' by loved ones and would await the day when he would see his family again. I simply can only imagine the day when my Mom leaves this earth. What a blessed reunion that will be.

In the meantime, I know there is lots of missionary work to be done. My Dad lived his life sharing his testimony, telling others of the gospel and serving others. I know he is busy. He will never tire of the work. He will never be sick/ill and I believe bricks are being added to his mansion, even now. (I even imagine him being his usual 'jolly' self and making sure there is a fireplace installed for my Mom ::))

"We love and miss you Dad"

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Kempner Family said...

I was looking at your blog tonight. It is amazing. My dad had back surgery last Monday and is not doing that well. I loved reading your inspirational words. Fathers truely have a special place in the hearts of their daughters. I am sorry for your loss and pain. You have such great memories and they are so fun to look back on. Love Valerie Kempner