Tuesday, February 24, 2009

There is no other.......like my Mother ;)

This is my beautiful Mother! Can you believe she is almost 71 ;) This picture was taken in Feb 09.

Dad was always so proud of how 'his' Val looked. He would tell everyone how old she was. Mom would get embarrassed and didn't (and still doesn't) like us to tell her age. I love to tell everyone as I think it is awesome. She has 30 years on me and look how wonderful she looks.

They say that when a loved one passes on, you seem to get an inner strength. I have really seen that in my Mom. Of course she has her moments, ROUGH moments I am sure but it is because of our knowledge that we are able to move forward. I will always be grateful to her for all she did for Dad throughout the years they were together, but especially for his last months. I can't even begin to imagine how traumatic that must have been for her.

Now I am in tears, I have to remember that Dad is in a much better place. He told me, not too long ago that if I could get just a glimpse of him and see what he is doing now and how happy he is, I would never want him to come back here. I can just imagine him waiting for the time when 'his Val' joins him.........although I have told her she can never die as I can't go through this pain again. :)

"We love and miss you Dad"

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Alan Tong. said...


I can see that you and your mum are on Holderness Road in the picture. Is that East Park Avenue in the back right?

Even thirty-odd years after leaving Hull I still miss going on Holderness Road. I used to love walking along there. I was born and raised off Holderness Road, so it will always remind me of my youth. I was born on Barnsley Street, moved to Portobello Street, and even joined the Church at 725 Holderness Road. Your blog this morning has really tugged at the heart-stringsg, as I also remember walking on that road to see your mum and dad regularly. (Mersey Street and then Stanhope Ave.) (No cars back then. It was always Shanks' Pony.) I guess I am, and will forever remain, an East Hull lad through and through.

The Rugby League season began last weekend, and that reminded me again of your dad. Rovers had a great draw at Bradford Bulls. The score was 13-13. This weekend Rovers were absolutely robbed against Leeds Rhinos. we were drawing 10-10, and Jake Webster scored a great try in the left-hand corner. The ref asked the video ref to review it, and for reasons known only to himself, the video ref disallowed it. Every pundit on the telly agreed it was a try (touchdown for our American friends.) To add insult to injury, Leeds got the ball, went the length of the field with two minutes left, had two forward passes (not allowed in Rugby League, as they all have to be passed backwards) and "scored" in the corner. Same old Rhinos, always cheating!!

We have it tough again on Sunday, as we are away at St Helens. How tough a start is that? Bradford away, Leeds at home, followed by St Helens away. The top three in the league last season, back to back to begin with. Talk about tough!! I can imagine your dad with that. "Typical!! Always hammer the Robins with the toughest start. Still, the harder they are, the faster I run."

Best regards,