Friday, February 27, 2009

Soccer Star

Here is John (jr) at his soccer game. Everyone was having a kick about before it started. I know my Dad would much prefer to look and see him running with a rugby ball. I can coach John at soccer but wouldn't have a clue about rugby.

This picture was taken this past fall (2008). John, like his Grandad loves the outdoors. He will be ready to play again in the Spring.

I was thinking about all Dad's grandchildren today. I realize Natalie and Kayleigh know him so well and then it just breaks my heart when I think how the little ones will grow up not knowing him personally. Oh for sure they will hear about him. We talk about him everyday in our home and Olivia often picks up a picture of Dad and dances around the room with it. (Dad would always dance and swing her around.

So here we are missing Dad/Grandad and we realize that he is closer to us than we can possibly imagine.............all the while wishing his grandson would be playing rugby league :)

"We love and miss you Dad"

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