Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Great Outdoors

One of the many things Dad taught me throughout my life and indeed reminded me of during his final year was to always live life to the full. I often wondered how I would ever be able to have fun or literally laugh with Dad's passing but this simple reminder has been great for me.

Dad obviously wouldn't want me or any member of his family moping around and not wanting to enjoy ourselves. "Life is for living" he would often say.

Today, Lance, John, Olivia and I went to our property in Duchesne to have a 'fun day'. Lance often reminds me of how Dad would want us to be enjoying ourselves and so off we went. Natalie and Kayleigh, being teenagers had their own agenda and they had fun going to the salon and getting ready for a birthday party.

It was great to be outdoors. Today was a beautiful day. Warm compared to what we have been used to and a clear blue sky. We had so much fun 4 wheeling and walking around. This property is in the middle of nowhere and was so neat to be there. We have taken Mom and Dad there on several occasions. I had a good ole cry (which always makes you feel better). I found it very hard being in England this past month as there are obviously so many memories there. As Dad loved the outdoors when he visited us here and often commented on how beautiful it was, with the mountains and blue skies, I shed tears as I thought on those memories.

Reality really hit that I never would see Dad again during my mortal life but the tears were quickly replaced by smiles thinking of how joyous life will be in the eternities.

"We love and miss you Dad"

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