Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March 31st 1962 - Eternity

47 years ago today, my beautiful parents were married. In the talk I gave at Dad's funeral, I expressed my gratitude for him remaining faithful to my Mother. My Mother was his world and the fact that they remained faithful to each other is something to ever be grateful for.
Here are a few pictures of the most wonderful couple I am proud to call 'Mom and Dad'.

I want to publicly thank our God for sending me to two wonderful people, John and Val Sims. What an eternal blessing to be grateful for.
"We love and miss you Dad"


Alan Tong. said...

They ARE special.

carolm said...

lovely as always. i'm sure your dad is celebrating "his val" in heaven.


sue peters said...

lovely photos max,your mum is still a pretty lady give her my love and i hope you are all ok xxx ps i bet uncle john is still practicing his chess moves to try and beat my dad one day lol!!