Sunday, March 8, 2009

Always look for the good

As soon as I looked at this picture for todays posting, my eyes welled up right away. I cannot even see my Dad's face but just looking at even the back of him brought so many memories. Personally I think it's because he has his hand raised :)

Looking back, I did cause my Dad many stressful moments. He was so forgiving by nature that he would often tell me he didn't remember many things I would often remind him of from my past. (PHEW!)

I am so grateful that I had a wonderful Dad. I have received many e-mails and phone calls, amongst one on one conversations face to face from people who have so wished they could have had a special relationship with their Dad. I miss him so terribly. Just to hear his voice used to make my day.

I was able to share an experience today about how Dad always looked for the good in people. No matter what they did or what they said, he always saw the good and the potential. He didn't bear grudges toward people and did not like backbiting and gossip. There were only a couple of people that for reasons we did not know did not speak to Dad. He tried to drum up conversations and to no avail. When he told me about this, I told him not to worry about it, that these people were not worth it and they were boring people anyway who had no clue how to interact with people. Dad would remind me that we needed to look for the good in them. Never ceased to amaze me how much he 'did' look for the good. (and he always seemed to find it!)

A request! Please keep my Mom in your prayers. She is struggling! She has such a tough spirit but she is obviously missing Dad. For me it is getting tougher so I can't even imagine how hard it is on her. If you have a moment to send her a card, I know she will truly appreciate that. E-mail me at for her address.

"We love and miss you Dad"

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Alan Tong. said...


I know who one of those people is, and know how hard your dad tried with him. Your dad will be the one out of the two of them that will progress Eternally, unless this man repents.

I know that your dad is one of the most forgiving men I have ever had the privilege (and priviliege it is) to have known.

Best regards,