Saturday, March 7, 2009

My new 'Baby'

Today I bought a new camera. You may be asking why would I be posting about my new camera and include a picture of the camera on my Dad's blog. was a big reminder of Dad. If Dad were to know how much this camera cost (and I know he was watching me, as I could hear his voice ;) he would fall over laughing. He would have told me how long it would have taken him to earn the money back when he was my age to buy a camera like this.

Even if you didn't know my Dad but have been reading the posts you will know that he never was a monetary man. The camera he owned was not even a digital one. It was the 'old fashioned' one with the 35mm film. He never really was very good at taking pictures. He would normally end up with a bunch of "What on earth is that?" questions as we would look through them. He loved to take pictures and I really wish I had spent some time with him showing him how to get the person in the center of the picture and not right at the very edge :)

Which brings me on to part two of this post. Once I got home and took this 'baby' out of the box and packaging, I came to the conclusion, I may have a better chance of flying a Boeing 737 than handling this piece of equipment. There were 2 DVD's and a HUGE book enclosed giving me full details on how to take wonderful pictures and how to work this 'thing'.

Dad would look at this and want to know where ONE thing was. The button you press to take a picture.

I have a friend at work named Dirk and he is the official Stampin' Up! photographer. (I am a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator. Click here to visit my blog). I am going to ask Dirk for some tips and advice. I know I will be able to bribe him with McVities Hob Nobs ( the chocolate ones of course).

I am planning on putting this 'baby' to good use so keep tuned as Lance and I will be going to Hawaii in two weeks. Calling Kimberly Van Diepen from Colorado : "I may need your help sista!" ;)

"We love and miss you Dad"


Kimberly Van Diepen said...

You are making me laugh out loud. That is a lot of camera sister. I am still learning how to use mine. UGH!!!

QAlan Tong. said...

What does "digital camera" mean? Is it anything like my "Box Brownie?"

Best regards,