Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Sienna

One year ago today I was in England and was so excited to be there for the birth of my youngest niece, Sienna Loren.

Dad wasn't feeling very well that day. but he was so wanting to see his grand daughter that he made the effort. This was so typical of Dad, always making an effort to do things he maybe didn't feel like doing.

We went to the hospital and sat in the waiting room a little while. Samantha and Savannah were really excited to see their new baby sister. Samantha was born a week after I moved to Utah and Savannah was born 2 months before my youngest daughter, Olivia so I wasn't able to be there when they were born. It was a special experience for me to be there for Sienna.

Today also marks the 4 month anniversary of Dad's death. I know all of us wish Dad could have seen our children grow up but I am so grateful that he has been able to see all of them. I know he can now see all of them very well. :)

~John Sims -"Never to be forgotten! Always to be remembered"

"We love and miss you Dad

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