Tuesday, June 16, 2009

5 Month Anniversary

Today marks the 5 month anniversary of Dad passing away. It totally feels like 5 years since I saw him, since I talked with him, since I sat with him, since I heard him tell me he loved me. This picture was taken a year ago. He is looking ill already but yet to me he is as wonderful as ever.

Life is so precious and so good that the pain felt is a physical pain due to missing him so much. I am devastated that he had to go through what he did, that he had to die so young. Earth was so much better with him here, but I do know Heaven is all the better for him being there.

There is not one day when he is not in my thoughts. Why should there be? Here I sit with tears streaming down my face as I think of all the happy memories we shared. All the laughs, all the jokes, all the kindness, all the fun, all the spiritual talks of life after death! A life far greater than this one!

Will life get any easier without him? I seriously doubt it! I do know it would be much harder than it is if I did not know where he was. It is also much easier knowing he lived a good life. A most rewarding life full of goodwill to all.
My Mother whom I think of every minute of every day........There was no other person on this earth who Dad wanted to be with or loved more. He lived his life for her.

Dad, I know you are happy! I know you with your family and friends and being a great missionary! I KNOW I will see you again and to that day I look forward to very much!

"We love and miss you Dad"

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Alan Tong. said...


You have EVERY right to be confident in where he is, and what he is doing.

Saw your mum Friday evening on our way back from the Rovers match. She is looking well, but she is missing your Dad dreadfully.

Take care,