Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Not so good news :(

I have had a really rough day today! I had to go to see the Doctor and NOT so good news. The Nurse took my blood and I had to give a Urine Sample. Both of them did not look good. I have high blood pressure. I have had major stomach pains and lower back pain for a while now.

I have to go see a specialist for a colonoscopy. YIKES! So I have been majorly stressed about this not so good news. I realize that once I go and find out whatever there is to find out, that at least I can stop worrying not knowing what is going on.

As you know my Dad suffered with cancer and ultimately passed away due to this ugly disease. Now for me, there is a concern for cancer.
I went to several of his appointments when he had to have a colonoscopy and he did not like the "stuff" he had to drink in preparation for it. I remember once, he took a little sip and his face said it all (and he was not a wimp when it came to meds and pain). I said "Dad, just gulp it down". He passed me the cup and said "Here love, you try 'just' gulping it down." I got the message.

ow here I am having to go through that and I will be able to say "I KNOW EXACTLY how it was to have to drink that 'stuff'.
I will find out later today when this procedure will take place and I will let you know. Please keep me in your prayers.
Here's one of my favorite pictures of my Dad and I. It was taken at Hornsea Freeport in England. It was to be one of the last days we spent together.

"We love and miss you Dad"

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